Capital Improvements Committee

The Capital Improvements Committee (CIC) raises funds and administers grant awards to elementary schools throughout the Archdiocese of New York in vital need of renovations and repairs. CIC funds facility upgrades that are crucial to maintaining a safe learning environment. 

Previous projects fulfilled includes: door replacements, window replacements, floor renovations, ceiling and lighting repairs, security camera installations, bathroom repairs, front step repairs, heat and hot water exchange replacements, and more.

"I am so thankful for Champions for Quality Education! Champions have helped and continue to support our efforts in creating a school environment that is not only safe, warm, and welcoming but conducive to student learning. In the past, through the Capital Improvements Committee, Champions has helped us upgrade significant areas of concern within our facilities, i.e., our heating system, our lobby, and our PA system, and provide enrichment opportunities that we otherwise would not have been able to provide. I am forever grateful to Champions and all those who have helped Immaculate fulfill our mission."
Principal Recipient of CIC Grant Funds

Each year, Champions for Quality Education hosts the Capital Improvements Cocktail Party to raise the funds necessary to fulfill capital repair grant requests.

Please click here to learn more about this event. If you’re interested in making a contribution in support of the Capital Improvements Committee, please click the link here

If you’re interested in joining our dedicated group of Capital Improvements Committee members, please email us at